Heaven Help Us


In the year 1352, an old man appeared at the gates of The Vatican carrying a crystal rock the size of his fist. He called it ‘The Eye of God'.

After handing it over to a bemused guard, who at first thought the rock would make a good doorstop, then a good paperweight, then an excellent weapon...the old man scared the shit out of everyone by promptly disappearing into thin air.

Ever since then, The Eye of God has sat in the bowels of The Vatican in a guarded room, in a locked, glass case...waiting for the right moment to open.

Guess what......

Heaven Help Us is a 'what if' slice of fiction (let me say that again in a very loud voice....FICTION!!), that asks darkly fascinating questions, and then watches as we fall about laughing....

So...if you’re a fan of the weird and the hilarious...and you don’t mind the thought of being excommunicated, then pop along to the Heaven Help Us facebook page and have a chat. You’ll find it at:


See you there..............

P.S. Bring a sandwich.